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Welcome to Jan’s Sewing Room - where creativity and fun begin!!

Kids Sewing Fun and sewing classes in Windsor Connecticut



It’s never too late to learn!!

Do you have a machine that is collecting dust, or maybe you have just forgotten how to use it?

Adult Sewing Classes at Jans Sewing Room

 Bring it along!! Learn how to use your machine again, and learn the basics skills you need to start sewing!!

Kids learn to sew in
small groups.

Classes meet once a week for 1 hour. Kids will learn safety, and how to use a sewing machine, and of course begin to make some really fun things!!

 Come and learn a wonderful skill that will stay with you for years to come!

Kids Can Sew official website
"You Can Make It" series offered to Adults and Teens at Jan's Sewing Room, Windsor CT

  trained sewing instructor



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